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Mold Testing

GOT MOLD? ​How do you know if you have Mold. Musty smells, Watery eyes in your home,but stop when you leave your home. Sneezing, headaches. You might have Mold. Let us come and take a look.  Air sampling your home can help us determine if there is a issue with elevated mold level in your home. If there is elevated levels of mold in your home your insurance may cover the cost of the testing. Ask us how?

Mold Remediation

Hometown Solutions is the one company you want in your home to remediate mold and get your home to normal fungal ecology.  With over 8 years of mold remediation we know Mold.


While Hometown Solutions is a restoration company, we don't only do mold. We restore all homes and businesses with damage.  Ask us how we can change your loss into your dream home.  THI Construction work in conjunction with Hometown Solutions to make dreams come true.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is very important this days. But Why. As construction keeps advancing, so does the way we build.  New codes require that  new homes have energy calculations to provide air tight energy efficiency in our  homes. Why is this important, if homes are air tight and you keep breathing the same air from your A/C unit,( this is a good time to go check your air filter) Yes gross isn't. That is the air your breathing.  Also everything in your home is off gassing. What? Yes, paint, wood, leather, granite, plastics all produce gasses into the air. Do you have Allergies?  Always getting sick? Call us we have found a solution to keep your home air tight with clean air.  This is what we have in our own homes.Call for your free estimate.
Hometown Solutions is a Green company. We  here at HTS only use cleaning products the are environmentally safe for yourself, children, and pets.  We do not use Biocides, pesticides.

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